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AS House (浅草スマイル) へのアクセスありがとうございます!


電話対応 9:00-21:00
電話番号 03-6658-8805
E-mail questions@asakusasmile.com




Weekday from 1700yen~
Weekend prices - (Fri , Sat 400 Yen Plus)

main building
2 Bed Private - 2600yen
3 Bed Mixed Dorm - 2200yen
4 Bed Mixed Dorm - 2100yen
5 Bed Mixed Dorm - 2000yen
6 Bed Mixed Dorm - 1900yen
8 Bed Mixed Dorm - 1700yen

Dbl Private - 2600yen
Single Private - 3000yen
4 Bed Female Dorm - 2100yen
9 Bed Mixed Dorm - 1700yen

1. Our new building is open for share house. This building is for the guests with visa and period limitation.
この度、長期滞在向けのゲストハウスをオープンしました! 敷金、礼金無し!水道、光熱費込! お気軽に問い合わせ、見学お願いいたします! 6人部屋 24000円      4人部屋 33000円

The rent for share house(Jp Yen/month/person)
Room Type Working(holiday)/Student Visa Tourist Visa
6-bed-dorm 24000 34000
4-bed-dorm 33000 43000
4-bed-dorm(Ensuite) 36000 46000

**Note: For 4-bed-dorm(Ensuite), the water bill is not included in the monthly rent, which is around 1000yen/person/month.
**We offer to who can stay longer than 2weeks. If you do, please contact via email.

2.If you want to stay at our hostel for the long term.One month's rent starts from ONLY ¥35,000.

Please contact to email: questions@asakusasmile.com



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03 6658 8805 (Local Calls)

Email: questions@asakusasmile.com

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